Unheim | Edgar Lessig


room installation, 30 x 10 x 5 m, various objects
UFG University of Art and Design, Linz (AT), 2017
with Maria Schwarzmayr

This space doesn't belong to you anymore, not even itself. Something else breaks into the renowned. Only with caution can you move between the new, without its collapsing, damaging everything around. Is the new just a feeling? Does it come from the inside, from the outside, from yourself? Everything feels narrow, tight, uneasy. Long-known becomes unfamiliar. Leave or bear?

UnHeim (2018): installation full

UnHeim (2018): closeup 1

UnHeim (2018): closeup 2

UnHeim (2018): closeup 3
closeup 3

UnHeim (2018): closeup 4

UnHeim (2018): closeup 5

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