Nothing Knew | Edgar Lessig

Nothing Knew

room installation, 10 x 5 x 3 m, sand, video (15:51 min.)
AMP Gallery, London (GB), 2019
with Lillian Fawcett-Wolf, Alice Brazzill, Jasmine Jones, Saskia Puxley

"Nothing Knew" originated from the impact the sound, sights, smells etc. of the surrounding has on each of us and the individual experience this has manufactured. As a society we are becoming increasingly sensitive to a moment of inactivity. We feel the need to be constantly connected and stimulated through technology.
Exploring through video embedded in a room installation, we discovered what Jane Bennett refers to as the "vibrancy" of objects; the way objects appear to carry their own agency and agenda, and the gravitation one might feel towards a specific object that they naturally gravitated towrads; wheter in the bus you take daily or the sea you have lived by all your life. Simply through observing these objects that leave impressions on each of us, and compounding them into a symbolic film, the observerers feels as if they are experiencing the life of both, one person and every person, a whole and all of its parts.

Nothing Knew (2018): full

Nothing Knew (2018): front

Nothing Knew (2018): side 1

Nothing Knew (2018): side 2

Nothing Knew (2018): side 3

Nothing Knew (2018): closeup 1

Nothing Knew (2018): closeup 2

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